laughter, music, and you is all i need

Melissa, CA

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do you ever like randomly wake up in the middle of the night check your social networks then go back to sleep 

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i wont rest until ive complained about everything

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i just wanna know what my house smells like to other people

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This is unexpectedly not about make-up haha

reblogged before it was even finished.

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Anonymous asked: you are so beautiful and wonderful


Wow thanks you☺️☺️


i’m just tired and sad and want to makeout with you

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The wind and waves still know His name // The Pacific, NorCal

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I want to roll over at 2 a.m. to a kiss from you not a text message


Cats can be bros sometimes.

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Take showers with me.
Sleep with me.
Cuddle with me.
Kiss me softly.
Hold my hand.
I’m clingy.
Please don’t go away.

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People say to you, ‘you’ve changed’, or something like that, well, I hope, for the sake of God that you have changed, because I don’t want to be the same person all my life. I want to be growing, I want to be expanding. I want to be changing. Because animate things change, inanimate things don’t change. Dead things don’t change. And the heart should be alive, it should be changing, it should be moving, it should be growing, its knowledge should be expanding.
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